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A Bunch Of Pissed Off Fans Mocked Liverpool And Then Tried To Prevent Their Bus From Entering The Stadium Last Night

Gotta admit, this is reason number 4 million I love soccer fans. Oh you thought they would just chant and protest and go on Pardon My Take? Absolutely not. Fans - people are unsure if these are Leeds, Liverpool or both fans, decided to try and stop Liverpool's bus from getting into the stadium yesterday to play Leeds. Love it. That's how you show you don't want them joining this dumbass Super League. You sit there and you physically make the bus run over you. I will say there is some irony here, since, you know. This happened last week: 

We've talked about the Super League quite a bit here, so it's not like I need to go in dept. I do encourage you to check out Zah's blog, Jack's blog and Troopz on PMT: 

The thing is this isn't going to stop anytime soon. Fans are pissed about it and rightfully so. They are going to protest every single match. They are going to protest outside the stadiums every single day. It's not going to end until the Super League ends up being a massive failure. I get the concept behind the Super League because who doesn't want to watch the best of the best? It's how you draw in more casual fans. But that's not the saving grace when your sport is built on the diehards and the history. 

Gotta admit, whoever decided to play some Abba is an A+ move. That's the guy who should be leading every protest against the Super League. Let him and his trombone hit the streets and mock all these people.