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Zack Snyder Reportedly Wanted 'Batman v Superman' To Be Titled 'Son of Sun and Knight of Night'

SlashFilm- During an interview at Justice Con this past weekend (via ComingSoon), Snyder and Terrio confirmed that Warner Bros. ultimately chose the title for their superhero sequel, despite the two of them pushing for something “a little bit more poetic” instead.

“I remember when there was a back-and-forth that I had with the studio, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was like the only title that [Warner Bros. liked],” Snyder explained. “The whole ‘v’ instead of ‘versus,’ it was like this crazy negotiation. I was like, ‘Guys, can’t we just do something like Son of Sun and Knight of Night, or something that’s a little bit more poetic?’ And they were like, ‘Absolutely not’ [Laughs]. 

Terrio then revealed that there were discussions about using titles like 'Justice League: Foundations' or 'Justice League: Rising' “to suggest that this movie was going to be the beginning of the Justice League, even though it didn’t really look like it.”

C'mon now - 'Son of Sun and Knight of Night'?! That's a real title Zack Snyder was considering - and one that seemed POETIC to him?! How do you admit that?!

I'm not even a 'Batman v Superman' or SnyderVerse hater; in fact, I probably liked that movie more than 90% of the people who saw it! 

When I read quotes like this, though….

One thing is especially clear: Chris Terrio is not a fan of the 2016 movie’s existing title. “I did not name the script,” he told Vanity Fair earlier this month. “In fact, I found out what the movie was called along with the rest of the world on the internet. I was not consulted on the title of the film, and I was as surprised as anyone. I would not have named it Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I don’t know exactly who named it, but I suspect it was the studio and I suspect it was marketing, to be honest with you. It might have been the first step toward creating ill will for the film…I heard it and I thought, it just sounds self-important and clueless in a way. Tone-deaf. The intention of the film was to do something interesting and dark and complex, not quite as Las Vegas, bust ’em up, WWE match as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

….I cringe into bolivian, because Snyder and Terrio just constantly sound sooo pretentious about their "interesting and dark and complex" artistic vision - especially considering the dark and complex aspects are the ones everybody rolls their eyes/scratches their heads at. 

Snyder's an amazing visionary/visual storyteller, I'd never suggest he isn't, but I just laugh so hard at some of this cringey edge-lord shit where he thinks he's Scorsese. Reading that the DC execs responded: "Absolutely not" to that 'Son of Sun and Knight of Night' suggestion just made me burst out laughing, too - imagine that pitch meeting?

"Get it?! We'll call it 'Son of Sun and Knight of Night' like Batman and Superman, but also like the light and dark!"

"Yeah we got it Zack. Let's go back to the drawing board on titles and get the latest cut under seven hours. We'll regroup tomorrow."

'Son of Sun and Knight of Night' is so bad it's like the movie equivalent of 'Fang McFrost'/'Chilly McFreeze' as a suggested nickname for 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. I can't believe Snyder admitted to liking that one all these years later.