The People Of Texas Have Spoken, They Want Matthew McConaughey As Their Next Governor And I'm With It

In Democrat circles he commands a far more certain majority with 66% liking the sound of a Governor McConaughey. 

McConaughey has openly talked of the possibility of running but always deferred saying 'it would be up to the people' on whether he'd run.

Politically speaking, McConaughey, who hails from Uvalde, Texas, west of San Antonio, has kept his leanings pretty close to his chest.  

He has never said either way whether he would run as a Republican or a Democrat. 

'I'm not teasing the idea — I'm actually looking at the idea and giving it serious consideration,' McConaughey told CNBC.

'I have a new chapter for myself, personally in my life. I believe it is in some sort of leadership role. I don't know what that role is. I don't know my category. We've been talking about the 'why' of leadership and even, I would say, we need some more good leaders.  

McConaughey has been talking about running for Governor of Texas for a while now. At least going back to last November. He has said that he's serious. In the quote above he effectively tells people that he needs a new challenge and that we need good leaders. Well now the good people of Texas have listened and in a recent poll they've endorsed him in a LANDSLIDE. I am absolutely with it. I love McConaughey. I've blogged about him four times in the last year. He's my guy. Trump put us into an era where celebrities can realistically and easily transition to public office. Sure, Reagan was the president in the 80s, but he also led a powerful union, he was the Governor of California and got re-elected, and he ran for President twice before actually getting elected in 1980. Waiting around and climbing the ladder is a bunch of bullshit. McConaughey is going straight to the top. 

I don't know what party he'd even be in and I don't think it matters. McConaughey just seems like a very reasonable and open minded guy. Solutions oriented. I just can't wait to see him in a debate. Can you imagine that pencil neck geek Beto O'Rourke talking about his guitars or whatever and then McConaughey just looks at him 

Game over. 

If this happens, Texas is officially back. I kind of think he should skip being the governor though and go straight to the White House. I think if you asked Americans if they could swap McConaughey for Biden tomorrow most would do it in a heartbeat. Coolest guy in the world, open minded, tells the truth, competent. He can figure out the rest as he goes along. McConaughey in 2024. Either that or Texas just becomes a Republic again and we treat it like Galt's Gulch with McConaughey leading the people. 

PS: I was trying to come up with a list of celebrities that I'd actually want to be President besides McConaughey and I couldn't come up with one. People always throw out The Rock, but he doesn't really do it for me. He's just a lovable guy. I think McConaughey is sharper, cooler, and smarter. They rest are Hollywood lemmings imo. McConaughey or bust.