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In Illinois, Everybody 16 And Older Is Now Eligible For The Vaccine


All Chicago residents older than age 16 are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, joining the rest of Illinois and the United States.

The expansion of vaccine eligibility to any Chicago adult regardless of their age, health or employment comes a week after Gov. J.B. Pritzker ordered restrictions lifted on the state’s supply of vaccine from the federal government. Chicago gets a separate supply of vaccine doses directly from the federal government.

This is what we've all been waiting for. As of today, 50% of those age 16+ have received at least one shot, and 80% age 65 and older have received at least one shot too:

Awesome job. I shit all over the vaccine rollout by Illinois at its onset, but in the last month or so they've done a GREAT job. Credit where credit's due, and I shit all over our state leadership almost non stop these days. We've rounded the turn. Everyone is eligible and nobody can stop you for getting vaccinated. Nobody other than YOU:

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Here is my thought on that:

I personally would give every six (6) weeks to get vaccinated. If they aren't vaccinated by say… June 1st, then at that point it's on them. We shouldn't have to go out of our way to mask up, keep social distances, or stay in our seats at fucking bars because people aren't making it a priority to get their shot(s). If they don't care enough to get their shot, that's fine, but we shouldn't either. I'm talking 40,000 fan sellouts at both stadiums. Concerts nuts to ass at Northerly Island. Street festivals. Bars with lines around the corners. Maskless uber rides. 

I think that's more than fair, especially with the most vulnerable population getting shot up at a great rate. It drives me crazy that every time I pull up the IDPH website, I see people of these ages succumbing to the virus…

Keep getting old people their shots. Younger people can handle the virus for the most part, obvious exceptions to the rule notwithstanding. But remember when I just gave some props to Pritzker and Lightfoot for how the vaccine distribution has gone the last few days? 

Well they're both moving the fucking goalposts again. About 6-7 weeks back, they said that once 70% of 65+ people and 50% of 18+ people got one shot, that we could enter our bridge phase which means larger capacity limits on just about everything. 

Well that isn't happening because positivity rates have gone up even while the mortality rate continuing to plummet because our older population has been vaccinated. It's total bullshit. They CANNOT keep doing this. Everyone who the disease really, actually can effect has been eligible to get shot up for months now. We gotta stop going out of our way to protect those who don't want to or are too lazy protect themselves. Our fucking government better agree.