Designing Barstool Chicago's New Office

This is a pure circle back on Friday's beef house with the wrinkle that I'm giving the YouTube version. This is important because I'm getting balls deep on YouTube in 2021 and we're building some momentum. Do you want to be the guy who didn't buy Apple stock in the 80's because you're a soft moron or do you want to be the guy who said I Told You So with supreme confidence. My point exactly. 

For now, this Beef House marks the first of 5 straight Fridays where I'll have a video on YouTube at noon. We go Beef House, Food Fights #2, then more BH. We'll flip flop until I figure out a cadence and rhythm so by all means give me some feedback if you have any

This one's important because we're just a mere weeks away from moving into a functional office that doesn't smell like someone ate a lot of beef n cheese and then shit their pants in a steam room, cranked the humidity up to max settings and locked the door for 36 hours. That's our recording studio on a good day and you can credit that to the 80 tons of man meat competing for fresh air in a confined space. Fingers crossed the new blueprints account for circulation and even more thoughts and prayers that we get control over the thermostat. Come for the content, stay for the meat locker cold storage capabilities we'll be pumping through our HVAC system. Gotta diversify those revenue streams

Also please do everyone at Barstool Chicago a big favor and subscribe to our YouTube page. If we get to 25K before the Bears season starts then I promise to bring the tailgate series back. Even if you don't give a shit about that, go subscribe.