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Yanet Garcia, The World's Hottest Weather Girl, Dropped A Heater Of A Mixtape To Announce She's Joining OnlyFans

I gotta admit this is a new one and I'm all for it. The two hottest things in the world right now? Well, three. Yanet Garcia, mixtapes and OnlyFans. Why not combine all 3? Seems like the perfect plan and she executed it beautifully. It's Chet Holmgren commitment day, I've watched a ton of mixtapes just seeing what's all out there. Guy is the No. 1 prospect for a reason and now he's got the second best mixtape I've seen today. I can't stop laughing at the whole thing with Yanet Garcia. Just listing all the titles she's had, the music, I'm shocked a BallisLife watermark didn't show up. 

What a bounce back for Yanet though. Just a couple years ago she was getting dumped because of Call of Duty

I know everyone is getting on OnlyFans right now, but I don't see people getting a million views on their OnlyFans mixtapes. I don't see people getting excited like Yanet Garcia. That's the difference. That's how you know she'll be successful on there - well that and her looks. Either/or really. All I know is if you don't announce your move to OnlyFans without a mixtape, you're playing behind the pack now.