Congrats To Barstool's Stool Bench Mob On Joining Forces With #THISLEAGUE...Right?!?!?

THIS LEAGUE!!!!! That's AWESOME! What a great idea and a greater world! Congrats to Ms. Krick, Jake Marsh, Rico Bosco, and Marty Mush for combining forces to create the most DIABOLICAL NCAA/NBA podcast in all the land! Good luck to all, even if it was not received well by some who received the news - LIVE on Picks Central of all places! 

Interesting! Other than that the entire company seemed behind the move including the man, the myth, the legend El Presidente himself!


#GoPresGo! King Of The Beach! Lord Of All Miami Manors!

Wait...what's this? Uno momento por favor! One must venture a little closer!


WHOOPSIE DAISY! Me scuzi, ladies and gentleman! You all got GOT! Like I said on the Tweet machine, Smitty would've used his victory Tweet on Trysta's account on some predictable simp shit like "Ben Simmons 4eva!!"! It was my duty to take over and actually do something Fortnight Boy has barely done in a full decade at Barstool Sports - CONTENT!!!

Now for those who actually wanted to see the chaos that would ensue if a #THISLEAGUE/StoolBenchMob collaboration were to come to fruition, ye need not worry! It wouldn't surprise me, CBS, one bit if this fiendish act actually planted a seed in our Lord And Savior El Presidente's keppe! So who knows what the future shall hold?!?! No mercy! All content and clicks! Just another day in the life of Clickbait Smits!