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I Need More Highlights Via The Mariners Fly Cam Angle And I Need It Now

Why are we not watching baseball in every ballpark with this camera angle? The Mariners debuted this "Fly Cam" late last year and I totally forgot about it until yesterday when I saw the highlight of this triple above. It's basically skycam in MLB stadiums. A wire hooked from the press box to the left field foul pole is the track and the camera smoothly glides up and down it, like it did in the Mariners - Astros game yesterday. Look at that silky smooth camera work on the triple. You can basically see the entire field, it's great. Awesome that you can see all the runners, where the ball is, the base coaches, you can see it all. Really helps tells the story of the play and what is going on because you see it all.

It honestly looks like a video game, that is how good it looks. Their little preview video from last season is like a movie trailer. So smooth, so crisp, it's great for watching the game at home. Why is this not in every ballpark yet? Like how is this not in Camden Yards? Throw the lines up the pole and lets get it hooked up, can't be that hard right? The fact that this is the first time I saw the Fly Cam this season is a problem too. Mariners should be broadcasting all their games in strictly this camera angle, not like they have to worry about ratings. Just give us Kyle Lewis robbing home runs in this angle and we will be set. Time for the rest of the league to step up and show us these awesome angles for the games. Can't wait to see a homer with this angle, you'll see the hitter, pitcher, base coaches, umpires, guys on base, outfielders, everyone in one frame. Need it.