Fire Up The Photoshop Machines Because Zion Is Pretty Much A Knick After He Spoke About How Much He Loves Madison Square Garden

Look, I know that the Knicks are no longer a star chasing poverty franchise thanks to people like Leon Rose, Thibs, and Julius Randle. But you can't watch that video and not think that it's only a matter of when, not if, Zion takes his talents to 7th Ave. I already thought that was going to be the case considering how close him and RJ Barrett appear to be along with the Pelicans clogging up a bazillion dollars of their cap space over the next few years with Steven Adams and Eric Bledsoe. But seeing Zion start cheesing like a kid who opened a PS 5 on Christmas morning when asked about MSG after there were like 10 fans in the stand today sealed the deal. Don't worry Zion, I know you love the fucking Smoothie King Center more than the Mecca of Basketball.

Giphy Images.

The only issue I see in all this is convincing Zion that he will not be starting at the 4 since Julius Randle will have won multiple MVP awards by the time Zion becomes a free agent in 20whenever. But I'm sure whatever superteam is playing at MSG by then will be more than enough to allow Zion to swallow his pride based on the young core Leon builds around Zion's best friend improving along with whatever stars Worldwide Wes steers to New York from the back channels.

Damn it feels good to include this in a blog again.

P.S. If by some chance this was all a giant troll job from Zion because it was so over the top, I'll simply tip my cap and just pencil in a superstar Kentucky alum or CAA client to fill his max cap space instead in a few years. If it's not, well…