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Crab Vs. Puffer Fish In A Battle To The Death - Who Ya Got?

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Okay, that wasn't as much a battle as it was a coldblooded murder considering. I've seen my coworkers put up more resistance against Portnoy in a Twitter kerfuffle.

Now I may be coming across as some uneducated moron in this blog, which is nothing new to anybody who knows me or has read/listened to anything I've ever done. But for some reason I thought a crab would put up a little more of a fight. If God gives you claws and the ability to crab walk with a gaggle of legs, you should be able to put up at least somewhat of a fight, no matter what the food chain says.

However, that was a literal blood and body part bath of epic proportions to the point where I didn't even know if I should post the video out of respect of the dead.  I always think of pufferfish as the jolly fish of the ocean because they look like a unit when they are fully puffed. That's clearly not the case though. They are Skinnies in Units clothing that will apparently devour the living shit out of a crab in one fell swoop. 

Anyway, this was just a reminder that nature is metal as fuck, even in a tank.