Rowdy Roddy Piper Dead At Age 61

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TMZ – Wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has died at the age of 61… TMZ Sports has learned.  Piper — born Roderick George Toombs — passed away from natural causes at a home in Hollywood.  Piper was a wrestling icon — one of the biggest stars in the WWE back in the ’80s, and even wrestled in “Wrestlemania I” back in 1985 … squaring off against Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.  Piper had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006, but last November he said he was cancer free. Roddy was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2005 and was one of the top 50 villains in the history of the WWE . Roddy is survived by his wife Kitty and their 4 kids — including 3 daughters and son Colton who’s pursuing a career in professional wrestling. 


FUCKKKKK. Terrible start to the weekend. Rowdy Roddy Piper passed away at the age of 61. Crazy young. Was still doing things with WWE. Seemed to be in good spirits and health. Complete shocker. A WWF/WWE legend. One of the all time best villains and incredible on the mic. Changed WWE forever in ways most of us will never realize. RIP Hot Rod.

PS: Piper might be more recognizable to a lot of people as this guy:


PS: Need old school legends to please stop dying. Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Dusty Rhodes, and now Piper. Someone keep an eye on Hogan…err…well yea, I know, just do it anyway.