Barstool Returns To Among Us With White Sox Dave, Kelly, Tommy, Vibbs, Coach Duggs And More Entering The Spaceship - LIVE NOW

Among Us is BACK in the Barstool world. Every Thursday night we're all gathering on the spaceship for such monumental events like watching White Sox Dave attempt to think. 

Objectively hilarious.  Subjectively embarrassing for the human race, but objectively hilarious. Especially with the beyond genuine "GODDAMMIT!" from Thomas S. Smokes.  Just a beauty of a night, even if we all had our struggles learning the ropes of Among Us:

Last time we danced we had a Surviving Barstool spaceship match. Champion Tommy, runner up Nick, The Cowboy, Trysta, Keegs and more.  Ignore that 10K prize in the graphic, unless of course that means 10K peanuts or something. Cowboy would think that is a winning exchange rate.