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Insane Video Of A Family Getting Attacked By A Bobcat Before Loading Up In Their Minivan

I feel for this dude. In that moment, he has to act. His wife is screaming for help and he’s gotta sack up and wrangle this rabid furry monster while wearing an old navy performance fleece. He shoots into action and is ready to save the day. For some reason, he holds the bobcat like Simba and yeets it across the yard.

The real wild card in the video isn’t the bobcat; it’s the child. What in tarnation was he doing? What could he have done? Nothing. Doesn’t matter though. He can be on my team any day. Mom is screaming. Dad is screaming. It was time for him to be the man of the family.

Anyway, that trip to the grocery store needs to be put on hold until everyone’s resting heart beat returns to normal.

Head on a swivel out there, folks. Nature doesn’t stop just because you have an HOA.