The Folk Band Caamp Absolutely Crushed This Cover Of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"

I know I was late to the party on Caamp last year. I think "By and By" was my favorite song of 2019. 


I saw them at ACL that year and was floored. Man I miss live music. Folk usually isn't my thing but good music is good music and these guys are fuckin great. 

This cover is amazing. If you haven't caught on to SiriusXM's “Next Wave Virtual Concert Series: Vol. 2.” or the studio performances they host you need to. They are almost always so hypnotic that you forget what you were doing, put your car in park, and just sit in the car and listen until it's over. 

The one my girl Madison did with The Killers back in August was one of the best things I've heard in a while. 

p.s.- my buddy Boyer sent me this mash-up of Metallica and Van Halen - Enter Sandman x Panama earlier today that kinda knocks in spite of the key change.