Who Is The Best Action Movie Protagonist?

On today's Jeff-less episode of LCB, I had Coley and Feits on to talk about the new F9 trailer, some casting news, and to take part in an ACTION MOVIE PROTAGONIST DRAFT. Look, I'll be completely straight with you guys. I fucking crushed it. I won by a trillion miles and nobody else came even remotely close. Not only was I able to get Rama (featured above) in the 5th round, but I got 3 of the best action characters EVER with my first three picks. Which characters are they? You gotta listen to find out. 

In the meantime, check out and vote in the form below. This is based on my pool for the draft, so feel free to submit your own under "Other". Also, there were certain characters like superheroes and Indiana Jones which we didn't pick since we felt it violated the spirit of the draft.