Real Madrid Wanted To 'Go On The Field And Kill' After Liverpool Fans Smashed Out A Window Of The Team Bus Before Its Champions League Match

[Source] - "It gave us extra motivation, and we thought 'Ok, now on the field we are going to go out to kill and to leave everything behind."

Police estimated around 400 people flocked to Anfield Road despite being urged to stay away.

Madrid's bus was pelted with various objects, resulting in a smashed window - a similar treatment received by Man City in 2018. Liverpool released a statement condemning the actions of those responsible, but Valverde was unperturbed by the incident, and claims Madrid were able to use it to their advantage.

Listen, fair is fair. You smash out a Real Madrid bus window, they are going to beat you on the field. I mean, I know it was a 0-0 tie, but it was a 3-1 win for Real Madrid and that's all that matters. They are moving on and those losers in red aren't. I get that soccer fans are ruthless, it's part of what makes European soccer so special. But have a brain for me one time. There's heckling and then there's extra motivation. You don't want to give Real Madrid extra motivation. Just heckle them enough to make them feel a little bit rattled. I do love how Real Madrid fans are responding on Twitter too: 

There are a million tweets copy and pasted with that. Ruthless. Just reminding your rival Barcelona that your bus driver is more successful. That's what I love seeing in response. Take the bus and use it to your advantage. Needless to say don't try to break out windows when a team bus is there. Just shoot off fireworks all night, go crazy in the streets, intimidate them, but no reason to break out a window. European soccer fans, man. Lunatics.