Luka Doncic Just Pulled Off One Of The Craziest Game Winners You'll Ever See


Holy shit what an incredible prayer floater (?) from three at the buzzer from Luka. Without a doubt one of the most ridiculous game winners we're going to see all year. I won't go crazy and say it's the craziest game winner we've ever seen but it's certainly up there. It's somewhere on the list. What a wild sequence to end this Mavs/Grizzlies game. For starters, down 3 with under 10 seconds to go, Luka tried to tie things up by driving to the basket. He barely missed the And1 and went the line for two. Unforttunately he goes 1 for 2. Grayson Allen got the rebound on the second shot and was fouled up 2. No big deal, make your FTs and this thing is a wrap. The Grizzlies get a much needed win against a team they are chasing in the standings. Sounds like a plan until you learn that Grayson Allen missed both of his FTs. I say it all the time, FTs are important. Can't miss fourth quarter FTs unless you're Marcus Smart and it's on purpose to win a game. I've often said that.

You knew as soon as that happened and there was time on the clock that we were going to get Luka Magic. Somehow this dude just finds a way to make insane plays like this. Oh yeah, he's 22. I'm not sure what planet he's from, but he's going to be doing shit like this for a long time. That shot was so outrageous I'm not even really sure how to comprehend it. You see almost anyone else do that and you declare it a 100% prayer. With Luka I feel like this is sort of just the norm. I've seen him do crazier shit than this to the point where I just expect him to make plays. The fact that he had the presence of mind to stay behind the line too is what makes this so awesome. That would have been an awesome shot to send a game into OT, but it's so much better now that it was a game winner.

Make no mistake, this was a huge game for the Mavs to win too. The Grizzlies are trying to catch the Mavs for that 7 spot, the Mavs had dropped some winnable games recently and need every win they can get to move out of the play in. After this win they are now 2.5 ahead of MEM. Every little bit of seperation helps. Who knows, this one shot is something that could end up changing the playoff Mavs for the Mavs, and thus their title chances. That's pretty nuts.