Scientists Should Be Studying Egypt And Nothing Else Because That Place Is The Key To Everything

There was big news out of Egypt this week with the discovery of a new city that is 3400 years old and left perfectly in tact. It was an excuse to go on dogwalk and put on my internet Indiana Jones hat and talk about the subject that blows my mind more than subject on the planet. Or even off the planet.. It's Egypt. The best way to sum up this subject is with a series of "HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE". I must have said it a dozen times on the podcast and I think it every day

How the fuck did they get the air temp to a permanent 68 degrees

How the fuck did they do they explain that Egypt is effectively at the center of all land mass on Earth?

How the fuck did they build this pyramid to look so fucking sweet

How the fuck did they know how to make the length of the pyramid align with the exact, and I mean the exact amount of time to orbit the sun?

How the fuck did they put the pyramid at a location on Earth with geographical coordinates that is EXACTLY the same as the speed of light? How the fuck can that be a coincidence? How the fuck indeed? 

We talked about all of this on Dogwalk this week and we all, as a species, should be talking about these things ALL the time. These facts are insane. They're too preposterous to be a coincidence. Those old ass Egyptians knew things that we lost to history somehow. The more I read about Egypt the more I am convinced that studying them is the key to understanding everything in the universe, including Aliens. Like they probably just encoded everything we need to know about the universe in the pyramids and they've been buzzing our tower for the last 12000 years checking in on our progress to see if we have cracked their code and we haven't because we are idiots and we focus on all the wrong things. 

People seemed to have their fucking minds blown by this episode and I would appreciate it if you joined us because your mind should be blown