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Abilene Christian Players Are Straight Up Refusing To Practice Until The School Offers An Assistant The Head Coaching Job

I've said it before and I'll die on this hill. Good for the players. They aren't committing to a school because Abilene Christian is some awesome place or some shit. Nah, they commit to places because of coaching staffs. They commit because of relationships with the coaching staff. It's not like they are sitting there going 'Abilene Christian has an above average economics department, let me go there instead of Oral Roberts.' So with Joe Golding moving to UTEP, they want to stay with a guy they all know and clearly respect. No problem with that. 

I know people will talk shit about them and tell them to just go to practice. But, why? Let's look at the other extreme. What if Abilene Christian hires someone that they all hate? Good luck fielding a team as they'll all hit the transfer portal. You have a program that is now a decent low-major in the Southland. 20 wins each of the last 3 years, 2 trips to the NCAA Tournament and obviously the win over Texas. You want to keep all that going. Again, you're Abilene Christian, just keep it in house with what Golding has brought here. I will say, I'm SHOCKED that there hasn't been negative tweets in response here. Seems like everyone wants Brette Tanner, except for this weird tweet from the AD: 

Bro, what? Maybe let the coach tell the guys to get back to work. Or maybe, you know, hire the guy everyone wants? One last time, hit the video for Joe Golding: