Which One Piece Of Movie History Would You Most Like To Own?

Yesterday I asked the question, "Which One Piece Of Wrestling History Would You Most Like To Own?"

We got some amazing responses, and it provoked what I thought was a super fun discussion here on the blog, so I figured we could keep this trend going, and in our interview with CM Punk today, I asked which piece of *MOVIE* history he'd most like to own....

Punk had an answer ready to go immediately (because he's actually seeked this item out before); the door of 'Black Maria' - the eighteen-wheeler from 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'….

For me, it'd predictably have to be something from Star Wars - probably either the lightsaber Luke Skywalker used in his fight with Darth Vader at the conclusion of 'Empire'

….or possibly his X-Wing helmet from the trench run in 'A New Hope'…. 

If I'm feelin like a scoundrel on the day you ask me, I may even take Han Solo's DL-44 blaster (specifically the one from the cantina that shoots Greedo) or one of the Millennium Falcon miniatures they used to film the movies….

Gabe Ginsberg. Getty Images.
Albert L. Ortega. Getty Images.

I'd hang that Falcon like a chandelier in my dining room.

Enough about me and my picks, though - I'll throw the question to you guys….

Which One Piece Of Movie History Would You Most Like To Own?

Listen to the full interview with CM Punk below….