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"Mystery Flights" Are The New Big Thing: You Buy An Airline Ticket But Have No Idea Where You're Going To Land. It Sounds Terrible!


Hahahaha absolutely not, mi amigo. Are you SHITTING me? Look, I like the element of suspense as much as the next guy- but I want it to be in movies or from checking my phone after a drunk night and seeing what ill-advised texts I sent, NOT when it comes to traveling via metal tube through the sky. 

Who wakes up and thinks "you know, my life isn't stressful enough. And flying doesn't give me enough anxiety as it is. Why don't I buy a god damn mystery flight and see where I wake up, completely unprepared?!" I'll take a hard pass on that, my friend.

Now, I will say, at least they give you an idea of what to pack so it's not like you are completely in the dark about your flight, which to me, makes it even dumber. If we're doing "Mystery Flight", go 100% all in on the mystery. I don't want to know if I'm getting off the plane in Halifax or Hawaii, Bangkok or Bali, Croatia or Canada until I get there. 

But this is all the rage right now. I even know a girl (sick brag, right?) who is going on a "surprise bachelorette party" except here's the twist- the bachelorette is planning the entire trip, and the girls going on the trip are the ones being surprised. No, it does not make any sense to me either. I guess they just find out when they get to the airport and they have to print a boarding pass. 

But hey, if this gets people flying and traveling and what have you, go nuts. I'll continue to take regular vacations, once every 8 years, like a normal person.