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You Can Finally Get Alcohol To-Go In The Columbus Airport And This Needs To Be The Norm Across The Country ASAP

[MSN] - Other changes as part of HB 674 include allowing airport travelers to consume alcohol in airport terminals. John Glenn Columbus International Airport has decided to participate, beginning the program on Monday. 

The airport said beer, wine or cocktails can be purchased to-go at all post-security locations that are open and serving alcohol.

This needs to be the norm ASAP. Really the only good thing to come out of the pandemic has been the fact we're able to get to-go cups of alcohol when we pick up dinner from places. This is something we've done for a year now, especially when you couldn't dine indoors or outdoors. Order some dinner, place a couple drink orders and have a night at the house. Well it gets even better thanks to this

The signing of House Bill 674, which went into effect Monday, allows for the Ohio Division of Liquor Control to establish a home delivery system. 

However, it may be some time though until a system is in place to allow Ohioans to take advantage of the new law. The division must first create rules on how the system would work. All alcohol delivered would need to be unopened and sealed. reports the process is expected at least until the end of the summer.

It's about goddamn time that we pass this. It should have already been done, since, you know, it's 2021. I can have everything in the world ordered to my house, including beer, but liquor has always been some sort of problem. Now we get that out of the way. This is needed. What if I'm having a drink and watching a game and I'm out of my bourbon? I don't want to get off my recliner to go get a new bottle. Oh no. Now we get it to the house. 

But back to the airport drinks. It's mind-bottling that this hasn't been the norm. Traveling sucks. You have to time it up perfectly to get to the airport with minimal wait time. Ideally you walk in, with a few minutes tops before you start boarding. That's the way I like to do it. If I have time to kill, you sit at the airport bar and have a couple termies. But, that's also everyone else's plan. Sometimes it feels impossible to find a seat at the bar and then you can't drink. Not a great scenario. Problem solved. Get a to-go cup and enjoy your drink as you get ready to be strapped in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the sky. 

It makes all the sense in the world. You're not hurting anyone and you're drumming up business. Also while it's not the streets, you can get a drink and walk around New Orleans, Vegas, Savannah, Cincinnati and pretty much all these other places. Why not add airport to the list? We need this to be the norm ASAP.