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Man Caught At JFK Airport Trying To Sneak Giant African Snails Into US

NY Post - Customs officials agents found a load of giant African snails — known as one of the most damaging snail species in the world — in a man’s luggage at JFK Airport this week.

Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists discovered the 22 slimy, highly invasive critters during a baggage examination of an American man who arrived Sunday on a flight from Ghana, according to a news release. 

The giant African snail consumes at least 500 types of plants and wreaks havoc on tropical and sub-tropical environments, officials said.

The snails — which produce about 1,200 eggs in a single year — also pose a health risk to humans because they carry a parasitic nematode that can lead to meningitis, officials said. 

They are also known to cause structural damage to plaster and stucco structures. 

In addition to the invasive snails, the man’s luggage contained about 24 pounds collectively of prohibited oxtail, dried beef, turkey berry, carrot, medicinal leaves and prekese, a traditional African spice and medicinal plant product, officials said. 

The traveler declared all of the items, so he was released, a CBP spokesman said. All of the items were seized.

Give this guy the chair. 

Or better yet, put him in a tank with these things and let them go to town on him.

I'm not even remotely joking. We live in a society. There are rules here. We need to start making examples of people so this shit ends.

Have you seen these fucking snails?

That thing looks like a Pomeranian. 

They lay 1,200 eggs apiece per year. Those get into our ecosystem and it's sheets for native species. 

Asian Carp, ever heard of them? They're on the cusp of breaking into the Great Lakes waterway system and wiping out our entire freshwater fish ecosystem. I wish I didn't know about this shit but I do because it's a huge deal here in Chicago and the Federal Government (thankfully) is taking it seriously by devoting a lot of money to prevent it from happening. 

The balls on this guy to roll through customs with a trash bag full of these fucking things is mind-bottling. 

You ever try to sneak in a box of Cuban cigars before? 

When I fly home from Italy I'm forced to be a mule for sharp provolone wheels. One of those things wouldn't even get me in trouble, they'd just confiscate it, but I swear the entire time I'm wheeling it through the airports I can smell it like it's in front of my face and the dogs are gonna get me. One time I was such a little bitch and so spooked I almost declared it.

But this guy strolls into JFK nonchalantly with 22 of these fucking creatures, 24 pounds of oxtail, dried beef, turkey berry, carrot, medicinal leaves and prekese like he's going on fucking Iron Chef


p.s.- is JFK the worst place to work on Earth?

p.p.s. - last month a guy in front of me at Miami airport (another shit hole) got pinched by the K9. Flat out gave me a heart attack but was wild to witness in person.