Never Forget The Time That Matthew McConaughey Explained The Difference Between Nerds And Dorks On PMT

"I got no problem nerds. I just don't like dorks. A dork tries to be everything to everybody. You can't really trust them. I know some nerds that are real cool. I know some very cool nerds. Give me an asshole before you give a dork. At least I know where the asshole stands"--Matthew McConaughey

Maybe the most brilliant 15 second summation of an important distinction I've ever heard. It has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. You can absolutely be cool and be a nerd. Especially in the year 2021. Jeff Dlowe...a nerd, but cool. Darren Rovell...a nerd who is the worst because he is a dork. Robbie Fox...I've never met a nerd with more natural swagger than Bob Fox. He's just unapologetically himself. I don't know Robbie well, but I've always appreciated him from afar. He likes what he likes and that is that. Me personally...I think in my past I had big time dork energy. My family moved around a lot when I was young and I also didn't grow physically, like at all, until I was 17. New kid who hadn't hit puberty until after he could drive. That leads towards a path of dorkiness. Eventually, you gotta just go with another McConaughey quote...don't forgo your own nature

This is probably why I never win any drafts. I don't appeal to the masses. I just like what I like and that happens to be burrata salad and Natasha Beddingfield. It is what it is. I also like history and conspiracies. When I was kid I always wanted to be Leonardo of the Ninja Turtles. Truth is that I am Donatello. Big fucking nerd, but not a dork. That's the key. 

I don't think I had the strongest nerd draft this week, but there was no pandering. I promise you that. You can watch the full draft below