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Usher Allegedly Got Caught Throwing Fake Money At The Strip Club

I don't like the move. I fucking LOVE the move. Sure, it completely fucks over the hard working professionals grinding away, busting their ass trying to make an honest buck. But if you gloss over that part entirely, and really focus in on what kind of egomaniac bands up thousands of dollars of counterfeits with his own face on them, I think you'll really enjoy this story. There's nothing cooler looking than throwing money. The complete disregard for the great differentiator society has built into its infrastructure is deserving of its glorification. 

I've never engaged in such, mostly because I very much need every last cent I bring home. That level of frivolousness is foreign to my very being. I have thrown looseleaf notebook paper before, which is truly no different than what Usher Raymond pulled. And let me tell you: it's not all that exhilarating. At least I didn't get anyone's hopes up. I just made a mess, much like Usher. Usher walked into an establishment, refused to recycle, and made a bunch of other people clean up after him. It's a wild move and I respect it immensely. We're never going to return to normalcy without celebrities reminding the rest of us peons that they're much better than us. Our proper societal balance consists of the elites being the Flintstones and us commoners being the birds and animals they use as household appliances and toilet bowls. What I'm really trying to say here is: Usher, thank you.