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The MLB Is Finally Getting Into NFTs, And These Are The Best MLB Moments I Want To Buy First

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. MLB and Topps are finally dipping their toes in the NFT game, only about a month and a half too late, which for MLB is actually right on time. April 20th is the release date for the first MLB baseball card NFT collection through Topps, the first time an entire MLB card collection will love on blockchain. With anyone and everyone making the jump to NFT it was time for MLB to finally get with the times. Digital card collections coming to you soon, but in the meantime I'm imagining the best baseball moments that you could NFT. So with that being said, what are some of the best baseball moments you would want to have and own? Let's dive in.

Rougned Odor Knocking Jose Bautista Into Next Week

Kind of speaks for itself here, one of the best baseball highlights in the last few year. We get a lot of shit about the baseball fights being soft and a bunch of "hold me back" pointing and pushing, but this one was a legit slobber knocker. I hated Jose Bautista with all my guts, and seeing him get knocked out literally made my month. It's my promise to you that I will NEVER forget this moment and would love to own it. 

Rick Ankiel Throwing Darts From Center

As a pitcher? Rick Ankiel was stinky. As a fielder? Had an absolute cannon. 2 absolutely unreal throws from Ankiel, the first being actually an unreal throw. Like you can't really place the ball into the third baseman's glove any better. Insane throw. The second was an awesome ride because he had to run after it, scoops it up and unleashes. You could tell he put everything into that throw too and still made almost a perfect throw, a little high but still good enough to make the play. Give me these on a loop over and over, I could watch them forever. 

Barry Bonds Going Upper Tank In Yankee Stadium

Pound for pound one of the most impressive home runs ever. Barry Bonds in the house that Ruth built hitting an absolute tank. Everything about this clip would make it a perfect NFT. The swing is so rewatchable, the bat drop, the ball sailing halfway through the state of NY. It would have to have Jon Miller making the call too, that has to be included. 

Manny Ramirez High Fiving A Fan After Making A Catch

Was hard to narrow down 1 Manny Ramirez moment that I'd want to own, but I think it has to be this one. Kevin Millar smokes one and Manny takes a pretty shitty route overall but reaches up and snags it outta the air. He can't stop his momentum and sprints up the wall, high fives a fan, comes back and chucks it back into the infield for a double play. Arguably the best play of Manny's career and it perfectly sums it up. High five in the middle of a play, amazing. 

Manny Machado Making THE Play

Easily my favorite play I've ever watched live. Manny Machado making the throw from the parking lot to nail the runner. After he boots the ball a little he still maintains composure and makes the unreal throw. Watching this on a loop as an NFT would be magical. Short enough to be played over and over, plus I'll never get tired of watching that arm. 

There has to be a billion other plays or moments that you would want to own as an NFT, the Jose Bautista bat flip, Lance Berkman catch on Tals Hill in Houston, Cal's 2,131, a ball speeding by a diving Jeter, there are endless possibilities. Gotta let me know which ones you'd want to buy as an NFT.