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Miles Bridges Just Killed A Man With Perhaps The Dunk Of The Year

Here I am just minding my own business getting ready for a little Sunday afternoon Celts action combined with a nice Masters Sunday and boom. A murder comes flying across my timeline. Holy shit. The worst "poster" gets thrown around a lot these days whenever there is a big dunk, and often times they aren't even really true posters. That my friends, was a true poster. It was a murder. Miles Bridges had no regard for human life. 

The reaction from the Hornets broadcast duo was A+ too. They've been known to get excited from time to time but talk about a reaction fitting a moment perfectly. When he cocked that shit back and went airborn, he was outside the goddamn circle. That wasn't one of those bullshit throw in dunks either. That was as clean as you can get. What a dunk. For my money that's probably the leader in the clubhouse for dunk of the year so far.

Pretty big matchup between the 4/5 seeds in the East too. Somehow the Hornets have been able to tread water despite losing all their best players, which is fairly impressive.

You can now go back to your regularly scheduled Masters Sunday. But take a minute and appreciate that dunk.