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Nothing Is Cooler Than Ronald Acuña Jr. Taking A Selfie With You While He's In The On-Deck Circle

Quite a weekend Ronald Acuña Jr. has had. We saw his monstrous home run with the A+ pimp job, the play fighting with Jean Segura of the Phillies, and we also saw him take a selfie with this lucky fan while in the on-deck circle. When you get those seats down right behind home you're in prime selfie territory. Good place to chirp the batter and umpire if you need to as well, but this is a great seat location if you're looking to mix it up with your favorite players. That's exactly what Trystin Merson did Friday night when he got Acuña Jr. to spin around and take a selfie with him before he went up to the plate. 

The picture came out pretty awesome too, gotta make it your phone background for sure. Acuña Jr. in the throwbacks, chain hanging out, the stadium in the background, the cold stare from Ronnie, pretty sick photo. And props to Acuña Jr. for actually acting like a human and not a robot in the on-deck circle. I understand it's a job and he's literally about to do the most important part of his job, but him taking the time out of his routine to take a selfie with this kid was pretty cool. He could have ignored the kid and kept moving, he wouldn't have lost a fan but I'm sure the kid would have been disappointed. This is the stuff I love to see from the younger generations of MLB players. I mean you can almost guarantee guys like Barry Bonds weren't doing this, but it seems like the younger generation love its, hence Acuña Jr.'s selfie celebration he does in the dugout too. 

A pretty neat moment for the fan and Acuña Jr. himself, now that kid has to get the picture printed out, signed by Ronnie and framed.