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The Trey Mancini Comeback Tour Rages On, Demolishes His First Home Run Since September 2019

Trey Mancini is officially back, had the home opener on Thursday and got the standing ovation and everything. Had to be a nervous wreck up there with his emotions running wild. He just had to get the jitters out from that first week. Well tonight he calmed down, stepped into the box and did that thing he's really good at doing. Hitting baseballs far as shit. First pitch of the night he saw and he SMOOOOOKED it. Center cut and Trey sent it a long way. 427 feet and 111 off the bat. This guy just beat colon cancer, you think you can sneak a fastball by him? Nah. No doubt about this one, it's awesome to see Trey back playing at this level and hitting pitches a country mile. First one for him since September 28th, 2019. That had to feel good for Boom Boom. In front of his fans, against the Sox, and sending it a long way. What an awesome moment. Welcome back Trey.