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The Giants Fan Who Was Nearly Beaten To Death Ten Years Ago Threw Out The First Pitch At San Francisco's Home Opener

CNN - Bryan Stow triumphantly held up a baseball before throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the San Francisco Giants' home opener Friday.

Assisted by a walker, the fan donned the Giants' orange and black, the same colors he was wearing 10 years ago when he was beaten and nearly killed.

In 2011, Stow attended an Opening Day game at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. Searching for a taxi back to his hotel with his friends, Stow was blindsided by an attack in the parking lot, his head hitting the ground in a fall as the attackers then kicked his skull and ribs. The paramedic and father of two clung to life in a coma for the next nine months.

Two men were charged in the attack and sentenced to prison in 2014.

After 10 years and what doctors called a miraculous recovery from severe brain and spinal injuries, Stow was on the pitcher's mound Friday. At home plate was another baseball hero: Alyssa Nakken.

Would you look at that. Hearthrob Scotty Harris has been in San Fran for 2 minutes and he's already making culture change, warm-your-heart, moments happen. Gotta love it.

Props to Bryan Stow here. Not just for this, but for taking a truly tragic situation, and making the most of it. 

There he was opening day 10 years ago at Dodger Stadium, supporting his Giants. Trying to hail a cab when he got snaked from behind by some pieces of shit R̶a̶i̶d̶e̶r̶s̶ Dodgers fans who beat him within an inch of his life almost caving his skull in and snapping his spine. He's lucky to not be paralyzed, never mind alive. 

Since then he's fought every day to regain his abilities to walk and do everyday things. He's made the most of things and he even started a foundation that goes around to schools to stop bullying and fighting over stupid shit- like fighting over sports teams.

Which make no mistake, there isn't much dumber than physical altercations over sports teams. If you're a grown man and you fight somebody over who they support. Players that play the sports we root for barely give a shit who's on the uniform so it's really sad when fans do so much they're willing to fight other people over it. 

But I digress. Great for Bryan Stow here. Keep up the hard work on the path to a full recovery. We're all rooting you on. And good looks on the San Fransisco Giants organization.