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Mets Reaction April 10, 2021: Jacob deGrom is Hated by the Mets

This is sickening absolutely sickening. The way the Mets continue to fail for Jacob deGrom is stunning and sickening. On Opening Day, the Bullpen failed him. Today it was the bats. No runs against a scrub Marlins pitcher named Trevor Rogers. The game was over in the first inning when Michael Conforto, who is pure trash, had first and third and nobody out. Lindor was thrown out stealing, and Conforto struck out, ending the Mets' only chance to score. Jazz Chisholm homered on the one bad pitch deGrom threw, and that was it 1-0. Game Over, the rest of the way, Trevor Rodgers turned into Sandy Koufax as the gutless, heartless, listless Mets, the worst team in baseball, went down feebly. The Mets are hopeless meet the new Mets same as the old Mets; they have fooled the fans again. This team will not compete and be 20 games under by Labor Day. 

Nobody symbolizes the ineptness of the Mets more than Michael Conforto, who wants $300 million to that the Mets should say don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Conforto has left 18 runners on base. If not for the cheap elbow drop, it would be 21. He is awful. Jacob deGrom has just as many hits in his two starts as Conforto in five games. Yet, the Mets clueless brainless moronic nincompoop of manager. I mean, Conforto is still batting third, and he is the worst hitter in baseball. He is New Jersey Transit as he leaves everyone stranded. Also, he keeps playing Jonathan Villar instead of Luis Guillorme. Guillorme fires the team up. Villar, meanwhile, looks helpless and looks like he can't he even swing the bat. 

The score was 1-0 after eight, then Edlose Diaz showed why he is the worst closer in baseball and why the Mets will lose 100 games a year for the next 10 years. Totally awful, allowing two runs as he was smacked around. The Marlins have a team of nobody, and they will win tomorrow for sure and would have swept the Mets, a team that will never compete and will lose 110 games, as Francisco Lindor transforms into the next Carlos Baerga with his bat forever lost. SMH, it never ends. The misery never ends. 

If I were Jacob deGrom, I would demand a trade. This is a fucking joke.