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Billy Horschel Slips Going Barefoot Into Rae's Creek To Save Par On 13, Promptly Goes Into Psycho Mode The Rest Of The Way

SNIPER! Look out below! Billy Ho comin thru!

Everybody who watches golf closely knows that Billy Horschel is a big Florida guy. When it comes to Florida golfin', there's a high possibility for some of these barefoot situations, so you know the guy has some experience kickin the ol' socks and shoes off and splashing it out. That's why it's a bit surprising to see him take a spill going down the hill there. Ya gotta know it's a bit slick there. Ya gotta have your head on a swivel and widen your stance a bit there and make sure you've got your wits about ya. Can't have that happening on one of golf's most iconic holes. Just can't happen.

Billy Horschel put on a show all day. No, not on the scorecard. A 73 isn't getting anybody out here hot and bothered. I'm talking about his antics. Extreeemely on brand with the way he went psycho mode and just started yelling stuff every which way. I love it. It's a phenomenal show every time when the guy is on one.

Who could forget his antics at Chambers Bay back in 2015?

The tilt today didn't even start with the spill on 13. He yelled at a mudball early on 5 (which the Masters app actually muted out on the shot replay)

Then he didn't exactly love the kick he got on his tee shot on 13

He buried a bomb up the hill on 16 and let the hole know who was boss with what appeared to be a real hearty "FUCK YOU"

 And then he made a preposterous par save with a flop shot on 18 to finish it all off.

rare misstep here where @TheMasters somehow forget to clip the actual shot that was skillful? Whatever, I gotchu all

What a masterpiece by Billy Horschel today. Entertainment factory from beginning to end and I loved every bit of it.