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Joe Musgrove Was Literally Unhittable And Throws The First No-No Of 2021 And The First In Padres History

The San Diego Kid, Joe Musgrove with the first no-no of the 2021 season and the first no hitter in Padres history. What an unbelievable night for 44. Growing up in San Diego, growing up a Padres fan and now you're on the bump celebrating the franchise's first no hitter? That's a Disney movie. And he was a hit batter away from the perfect game too, the guy was on tonight. 

10 Ks, 9 innings, thats it. Thats the line. 112 pitches which isn't a ton, so he was never really in trouble of getting yanked. What an awesome story. And how about the Padres just stunting all over the Rangers again. Fernando Tatis Jr. grand slam last year and now the no-hitter. The Padres are literally the Rangers daddy. Pretty cool that every team now has a no-no. This was also the 8,205th game for the Padres, that's a shit ton without a no-no. 

You can bet he's holding onto that game ball. I've said it a bunch but what an awesome night for the hometown kid in his first season with the Padres and now he's in their history books forever.