We Are Living In The Future! Domino's Unveiled Its New Pizza Delivery Robot That Is Already Delivering Pizzas In Houston

That's one medium pizza delivery for man, one extra large pizza delivery for mankind! What a fucking moment we just witnessed in gif form! I can only imagine how cool it's going to be to see the actual robot deliver the pizza, which seems like a strange thing to leave out of the tweet.

Wait a second...

*does some research*

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That car IS the robot? Fuck outta here Domino's! I have been defending you guys for years to all the New York pizza snobs because I think it is perfectly okay to order Domino's if you want Domino's, not pizza but Domino's, because it's two different genres of food. I usually get it when I want some Cheesy Bread and just use the pizza as the side dish. But don't try to pass off a self-driving car as a robot in the year 2021 of our Lord. That's a kiddie Tesla at best. 

I get that Domino's may not be on the cutting edge of technology after years of slinging 5-5-5 deals but you gotta do better than a car. If you are promoting a robot, I better see a giant piece of metal with wires inside that either has wheels or walks with feet. The most ideal scenario would be an updated version of the robot from Rocky IV.

While the worst case scenario would be answering my door expecting my food and being greeted by these robot demon dogs straight from the digital Upside Down.

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To be clear, I am very much still #TeamHuman when it comes to delivery because it's an honest living as well as a long-running porn trope (Blogger's Note: BONK!). But if robots are gonna take'erjerrbs when it comes to delivering sauce, cheese, and bread in a box, at least let it be a cool ass robot or just not a fucking car that makes you walk all the way to the street to get your "delivered" pizza.