Defunct, Irrelevant Website Demands the PGA Moves the Masters Out of Georgia, Oblivious to the Fact the PGA Can't Move the Masters

Now is a time for two Traditions Unlike Any Other [tm]. One being The Masters. And the second being the Coolest Kids on the Internet [tm] finding an excuse to signal their virtue, regardless of whether they have the first clue what they're talking about. Regardless of your personal opinion on the Georgia voter law and whether or not Major League Baseball was justified in pulling the All Star Game out of Atlanta, your take can't possibly be as supernova temperatured as Deadspin's:


Source -  And then there’s the PGA.

As responsible companies and entities push back on the state of Georgia’s new voting laws — seen by many critics and Democrats as a way to suppress the Black and brown vote — the Professional Golfers’ Association plays on.

No group has been more tone deaf and against change in professional sports in this country. ...

What a moment this could have been. The PGA could have truly come out of the stone ages had it stood up to Georgia governor Brian Kemp. ...

Instead, the PGA, as usual, swung and missed. Refused to act. 

To be fair, this column was written by FS1's Rob Parker, who has lived his entire career by the motto that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good molten lava take. That some opinions are just too good to get your facts straight first. From continuing to say that Tom Brady is a cheater whose career is finished to saying Bill Belichick is a cheater but no one talks about it. You can't expect him to spend the 30 seconds it would take to do the research. It would just slow him down. So what if he could've found out The Masters is run by August National and not the PGA with a simple Google search, going on Wikipedia or simply paying attention to one of the most popular events on the sports calendar for the last eight decades? So what if he discovered that the PGA has as much authority to change the venue of the Masters as MLB does to move the Academy Awards or the NFL does to move the US-Canadian border. That's asking too much of a true take artist like Parker. 

So the focus instead needs to be on Deadspin's editors, if they still have any on the ever-shrinking payroll. Is there nobody reading what gets posted over there? Or are they too busy on LinkedIn looking for honest work? If I posted a blog with so egregiously wrong a premise, Coley, Hubbs and Nate would be upon me with the angry winds of a thousand hurricanes. KMarko would've changed the headline to remind readers how far up my ass my head was on this one. And guess what? I'd agree with them. That's them doing their job and I would say I need to do mine better. 

But that culture obvious doesn't exist among the Coolest Kids on the Internet. If it ever did that is. I'd love to say something like calling them "a once proud institution," but if they ever were, I can't remember when it was. Thoughts and prayers to everyone who has to have their name associated with this dreck. Sad.