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So, Am I Dating Paige Spiranac?

I guess you'll just have to listen to the podcast to find out ;)


Ya, I'm an asshole I know. But hey, it's the off-season and promoting the podcast is promoting the podcast. 

As we all know, Brandon is potentially on his deathbed this week (not really, but he sure sounds like it) so on this week's episode of UR we did a little AMA with me, Katie and Jack. 

Opening up my IG DMs to this was like the fucking wild west, but we did actually get some great questions too. 

I tackled things like: 

- How Dave found me and got me to Barstool
- If I couldn't be an Aggie, what school would I root for?
- If we could remove one team from each P5 conference, which ones would they be?
- MARRY FUCK KILL: Brandon, Katie, Jack Mac (you know normal podcast crew things)

.... and yes, am I dating Paige?

And so so much more. It was a lot of fucking fun. (We did miss you, Brandon!) We also talked about Lincoln Rileys DAB (Dry Ass Brisket), the news and notes and discussed the lamest argument in sports.

But while we're on the subject, I was on Paige's podcast a few months back and we talk all things sports, dating and about a video that may or may not exist. 

PS - Let's all take a second and appreciate perfection, shall we?











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