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Sometimes You Just Gotta Leap From One Building To Another, Find A New Slant



Just a typical day, nothing to see here! Sometimes you just gotta go full-Matrix and start leaping from one building to another, what's the big deal? You never wake up and think "hmmm….coffee just isn't doing it for me anymore. I need something else in my life. I guess the only thing I can do is jump from this building to another, ho hum ho hum. 

His comment section was none too pleased. Now mind you, Pasha is a professional stunt man. People KNOW what they are in for. And they still were displeased.



Here's a question for the last guy- why do we always assume kids are going to copy everything they see? And furthermore, let's say a kid copies it and dies, wouldn't he just die some other way by copying something else he saw? Any kid who copies this is going to die from doing something stupid anyway, so let's not put the blame on the professional stunt man. 

I guess he saw the comments and decided to tone it down…, just kidding!



This dude is fucking nuts.