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Making a Fully Functioning James Bond Car That Shoots Out Fire and Bullets Is The Best Way To Use Your Brain If You're a Genius

There is nothing in this world quite like a crazy person. I love crazy people, especially incredibly smart crazy people. Enter Colin Furze, a fella who is known on YouTube for being outside of his mind. He took it upon himself to make a James Bond car that shoots fire out the front and live bullets out the back. Must be awesome to be that smart and talented while also being completely insane. 

Can you imagine how dangerous the test runs must've been? We're making a car shoot fire and bullets out of it. A car with a fully working engine than can ignite on fire at any point and explode. Takes some legit balls and brains to get that done, but Colin Furze makes a living out of that combo. 

This is the same guy who made a flying bike a couple years ago


And a semi-auto potato gun

Dude has a brain for the real life version of Kingsman