If You Were Ever Curious What A Runaway Train Playing Lacrosse Would Look Like, Look No Further

That's what happens when coach goes to football practice in the fall to recruit some players for the spring. I mean what a bully. This kid is full blown addicted to catching bodies. Most likely can't catch a pass though. 

I mean how else would you explain not immediately taking this to the rack? The fact that my man gave up the rock and then immediately ran off the field leads me to believe that this fella has no idea how to actually play lacrosse. At the very least you should pass down, pick down in that scenario. But who needs to figure out how to pass and catch when the other team are all stuffed in some body bags. It doesn't take a lax expert to know it's pretty dang tough to win a lacrosse game when half your roster is in the hospital after getting bulldozed to death at the midfield line. 

Also love the boys getting all sorts of fired up on the sideline. Nature is healing. We're finally getting back to normal. Meatheads going full send on some bull dodges and the bench mob going wild. Feels so good to have this back in our lives.