It's So Good To Have Roars Back At Augusta National

This right here is a simple but subtle blog. Sure, this is a lovely little chip in by defending champion Dustin Johnson. It's a great shot on a wildly difficult hole. Tough to get that speed exactly right and trickle that in the way that he did but that's not why we're here. Give me 100 balls and I'm probably doing that exactly zero times but nobody cares about that. 

We care about the Augusta roars. We've been deprived of a good Augusta roar for a two years now. Not since these peak roars have we really heard the echoes reverberate around the hallowed grounds of Augusta National.

While we've got an undisclosed limited amount of patrons here at Augusta this week and the roars aren't at full strength, it's just good to get a little taste of what used to be. Slowly but surely we're getting back into range. Course has been playing very difficult today so moments like these have been few and far between but there was just no way I wasn't going to blog the first solid roar of the day. The roars are a part of the fabric of this Tournament. It got the feels going and we've got 3+ more days to keep it rolling. 

Nothing better than this Tournament. Nothing.