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Alex Cooper Clears Up The Rumor That She Slept With Logan Paul

When we think of Barstool Sports employees making it big, we think of the sports world. Big Cat and PFT interviewing the best of the best. Foreplay meeting Tiger Woods. Spittin Chiclets hitting the links with Mackinnon and Crosby. Alex Cooper sucking off Logan Paul at a business meeting.

Wait what.....? Yes, it happened according to our founding father, Alex Cooper:

“About a year ago I sucked someone’s penis. Just one time, went in there, it was for a business meeting. It gets me in the mood to make deals. So I hooked up with this guy and then Harry tells me that he is running his mouth around L.A. telling people that we hooked up and I thought that we had this secret that we were gonna keep forever. Like we weren’t gonna tell anyone. We weren’t gonna tell anyone and Logan Paul is really bad at keeping a secret... we didn’t have sex it was a one time thing.”

Shocked that Logan Paul couldn't keep his mouth shut. Would've assumed that guy could 100% keep a secret! 

Nothing to be ashamed of on Cooper's front. Logan Paul is a star. A little surprised that she referred to it as "sucked someone's penis," but I did laugh. I guess I'm just so used to hearing "sucked his dick" and not "sucked his penis." 

The entire interview with Cooper was great on BFFs, she even may have implied that Noah Syndergaard for wanting to hook up with his mother?

“Oh my God, I’ve dated a guy that was an athlete, that was a stoner that pretended to be a nice guy and he wanted to fuck his mom and it was the worst. It was always about his mom. He was a pitcher… I’m not saying it’s him. I’ve dated a couple of pitchers.”

As a Mets fan, I'm going to pretend I just never heard that. None of my business. It probably isn't even Syndergaard….he isn't a stoner, right? That's what I'm going to tell myself because I'd prefer my Mets players to not have an Oedipus Complex.