Welp, It Took Less Than 24 Hours Before Arizona Players Took To Social Media To Blast The School For Firing Sean Miller

That didn't take long. Listen, I get it for two reasons. One, these guys were recruiting by Sean Miller and staff. I've talked about it before but the heavy majority of players go to a school for the coach/staff. Rare is it that they are going for a specific reason to the school. Second, the whole process of firing Sean Miller made no goddamn sense. Arizona stood by him for nearly 4 years with this FBI investigation and with one year left on his contract, they decide to fire him. Why not just say you're letting his contract play out? Remember, they did have a postseason ban this past season so it's sort of tough to judge this one as a whole. They could have made the NCAA Tournament, won the Pac-12 Tournament, etc. 

And the timing? Why wait until now? You knew exactly what Sean Miller did for his career a month ago. Why wait until after the Tournament for this so you can land a new coach faster and try to keep players? Apparently there's a whole fight between boosters, the President and others: 

Nothing about it makes sense. You either stay with him through his contract or you should have fired him a couple years ago. That's why players are pissed. That's why a bunch of Arizona fans are pissed. Listen, Arizona is a damn good job. It just got set back with the timing of the firing. Yes, I fully understand that if Sean just won and made a couple Final Fours, he'd be in the Bill Self category of getting a contract extension, even if it's not a lifetime deal. Winning solves everything.