Mighty Mouse Got KO'd By A LEGAL Knee While He Was On The Ground Last Night

ONE Championship made their debut on primetime in the United States last night on TNT after AEW Dynamite, and something tells me that Eddie Alvarez getting DQ'd and Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson eating the first knockout loss of his career wasn't how they imagined that card going.

Beginning with the end, Mighty Mouse getting KO'd like that by Adriano Moraes was just wild. In ONE Championship, those grounded knees/kicks are legal - basically PRIDE rules - so that's perfectly clean. Unfortunately for Mighty Mouse, he fired off this tweet exactly a month ago....

He seemed to be in great spirits after the fight though, and we know he'll be back....

Something that still ain't legal in ONE is punching your opponent in the back of the head, though, and Eddie Alvarez was DQ'd last night after the referee deemed this punches too far back….

Personally, it only seemed to me like that second to last shot would qualify as a "back of the head" shot - the others looked behind the ear to me, or at the very least, being turned into. Felt like he shoulda gotten a warning before the disqualification. Rough.

I love having more fights on cable, though! Wednesday nights are a good night for it.