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There Are Monkeys On The Loose In Cincinnati - I Repeat, We Have A Search For Monkeys On The Loose

That's it, I'm dropping everything and heading to the west side. Really about the only time I'll head to the west side of Cincinnati outside of playing at Aston Oaks. It's time to find these monkeys. Why? Monkeys are awesome. Always loved them. I want to see them swinging from tree to tree heckling the cops and zoo employees about not being caught because monkeys are smart as shit. Just a hunch here. 

Plus who knows? Maybe the monkeys are just hyped about the Reds scoring roughly 15 runs per game. Maybe they make their way to The Banks and Great American to catch a game. Let them live. The real story here is how do you feel if you're the owner of said monkeys. If this is a species that you can't own you just gotta hide. Nope, not my monkeys. They must have escaped from somewhere else. Plus who are they harming? They are just hanging out at a cemetery. Pretty weird, but I can't get in the head of these monkeys. 

I love that this a game of hide and seek though. No camera shots on the monkeys, they are hiding. This isn't our classic chase., This is a classic find the hiding monkeys scenario we got on our hands. Nothing gets the blood pumping like an Internet chase and I'm getting ready to fire up TV2 for this once we get eyes on the monkeys. All I know is when you have an animal as awesome as a monkey involved in a game of hide and seek internet magic can happen. They are always a step ahead.