A University In Michigan Has Become The First To Offer A Cannabis Chemistry Scholarship

David McNew. Getty Images.

DFP - A Michigan university is the first in the country to offer a cannabis chemistry scholarship. 

Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie made history in 2019 when it was the nation’s first to open a cannabis chemistry program. Now Steadfast Labs in Hazel Park, a cannabis-testing lab, is offering annual $1,200 scholarships for LSSU students in the program, which teaches students how to analyze cannabis-related compounds and contaminants. 

“By funding this scholarship, Steadfast Labs again demonstrates their commitment to supporting future chemists who will enter the workforce and provide public safety in the cannabis field,” Dr. Steven Johnson, dean of the College of Science and the Environment at LSSU, said in a news release. 

The cannabis industry is expected to create more than 500,000 jobs by 2022 as the plant grows in popularity, and legality, according to LSSU.


When it comes to majors in college, I'd say about 5 are good and have real-world adaptions. Whatever pre-med people take (biology or chemistry), engineering, computer science, and of course, communication. The rest you can just learn on the job or watch a few YouTube videos to learn about. Imagine taking 4 years of finance courses to learn stocks only go up (amiright people?!?!). 

My general opinion of college is it is mostly a waste of time and money. It's an outdated system that is designed for the rich, to keep the middle class paying off their loans til the cows come home, and to keep the fake idea of the "American Dream" alive. You can do anything you want….as long as you pay us $40,000 a year! All stupid. I think in our lifetimes we will see a shift away from college degrees being the end all, be all. Hopefully, at least. 

Sorry for that rant. Fucking college gets me all fired up. Yesterday I got triggered 11 years after I graduated college by how professors would rip us off with text books. What a fucking JOKE.



So I say all that to say this- Cannabis Chemistry makes a ton of sense. It's a brand new field that is going to be expanding largely in the coming years. It is going to be legalized nationally (save for a few stupid states but we can talk about how dumb the state system is another day) and corporations are going to have to hire someone to make sure they are doing it all correctly. And that someone could be YOU. They are going to pay a premium for people who know what the fuck they are doing, and having a degree in Cannabis Chemistry will for sure get you to the top of the list. Without a doubt these people will get scooped up and start making mid 6 figures directly out of college to more or less grow weed. But you've seen Breaking Bad, the chemistry is the important shit. 

So I implore you, if you're deciding on a major, maybe this is the one for you. Or be an English major and read Moby Dick every day until you die. Up to you.