Shams Tweets That Davion Mitchell Signed With An Agent And Is Going Pro, Mitchell And Baylor Immediately Hit Him With Fake News

So this tweet seems normal. Davion Mitchell is likely going to be a lottery pick. The guy has went from a late first rounder to top-20 to lottery this year. His stock will quite literally never be higher. So nothing shocking when Shams tweets this except we got some fake news reports: 

Like any smart person, you wait until after you get shitfaced celebrating your national title to make a life decision. It's when I do my best thinking. Even Scott Drew found out live on air and had a similar response: 

Listen, it's all but a formality at this point. Drew even knows it, he's just trying to play it off like let's wait for the press release to come out. But we all know what Shams says is truth. I'm a firm believer that even though Woj showed him up at the trade deadline that Shams has all the news in the world. He even made sure to tweet out some NFL news, because why the hell not? 

I love everything about Mitchell's game. He was the best defender in the country this past season. You can play him on or off the ball. He shot 45% from three. He can initiate offense. He can be pass first if you need him to or go get a bucket. And again, he's a goddamn dog defensively. I'm hoping and praying the Knicks can somehow land him right outside the lottery but that's becoming more and more unlikely. 

But let the man celebrate his national title. He just led Baylor to its first ever title. Shit, it's the first time a school from Texas won a title since Texas Western in 1966. Let the man celebrate, he deserves it. I get that you want the scoop and you want to be the one to get the news out there. That's your job. But let the man have some fun. We all know he's going pro, now if we can just somehow get him to the Knicks that'd be great.