I Haven't Stopped Thinking About This Dude Filming the Yankees Game With a Flip Phone

Since discovering this specimen a few days ago I have not stopped thinking about him and what planet he's from. I have a friend who is always the last person to upgrade his phone. When everyone had iPhone 7s he was stuck on the iPhone 2. It was like he was stuck in the past. His phone would constantly crash, the battery was dick, and it just was unusable for the normal human being. That's an iPhone 2! Could you imagine being a 20 year old kid and still using a flip phone? This may sound sad, but I would have no use for that thing. You think I'm texting words with the number pad? I'd rather just go phone-less and cease communication with the outside world. 

Could you imagine the quality of video that thing was taking? You're better off drawing it on a piece of paper than whatever that footage is going to look like. I am mesmerized. Zero chance this guy has an idea how to access the internet. Zero. If he attempted to find this blog his phone burst into a million pieces. If any of his buddies have regular iPhones they could kill him at any point simply by sending a video from a modern device. You basically have this dude by the balls 24/7. Piss me off and I'll send you a video that will explode your cell phone. What a human being. Or this is an alien who has been trying to blend in for years and this was the first public appearance he's made since 1995. Either way, phenomenal. Need him at every game.