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I Have Two Ideas To Save The Planet From Global Warming But Nobody In Science Will Listen To Me

Eddie and I did a review of the new netflix doc called "Seaspiracy" which was all about how terrible humans are and what a global catastrophe the commercial fishing has become. This guy touched on pollution, slaughtering of dolphins, species collapse, and all sorts of terrible things and how they're impacting the environment and causing global warming. Are any of his claims true? I don't know. I am not a scientist. I don't know anything about global warming or biology or any of that shit. People seem to think it's a big problem. All the most powerful people in the world are throwing shit against the wall to see if something sticks. Musk is trying to build batteries to replace fossil fuels and build space ships to Mars so he can escape when that fails. Bezos is also trying to build a space colony and then throw money at the problem. Bill Gates is trying to block out the sun. The fucking sun. 

The solution to all the world's problems have already been invented. I have one word for you guys: pumps. GIANT sump pumps at the bottom of the ocean. One of the things that the documentary highlighted was that the killing of fish and large marine animals like whales, dolphins, and sharks hurt the natural circulation of the water. That when they swim up and down the depths of the ocean they mix the hot water from the top with the cold water beneath. The oceans are becoming way too hot as a result. Well guess what we have an endless supply of on this planet....cold water. It's just chilling at the bottom of the ocean waiting for a strategically placed series of massive sump pumps to bring it up to the surface. We pump oil from beneath the surface of the ocean all the time. How hard would it be to just use those same types of pumps to just cool the top of the ocean with cold water? Why aren't we doing this already? Am I the smartest person ever? Did my dumb brain just help save the planet? The answer to all of those is yes. PUMPS are the answer we've been waiting for. Bring back pumps and Americans drive hummers without a care in the world because Chief's pumps saved the planet. Sometimes it is just that easy. 

PS: We should also put gutters at the base of all glaciers that are melting and then collect that water, put that into a pump, and then spray back up on top of the glacier to refreeze it. Almost like a zamboni affect. These are my two best ideas and I think they are WAY better than Bill Gates trying to block out the sun. Please tell the scientists and then give me the Nobel Prize