Poor Malik Beasley Just Can't Catch A Break -Splits With Larsa Pippen (Shocking!) And Immediately Out 4-6 Weeks With An Injury

I'm blindsided by this news. How can I, how can you, wait, no, how can America believe in true love when the greatest couple we've ever met broke up? They had it all. They had that one picture of them walking around the mall together. They had pissed off Larsa Pippen's son. There was divorce and lawsuits and drama all around. Really just sums up relationships in general. I guess we should have known the relationship was going to be rocky when Bronny James was getting thrown around. 

Tough break for Malik Beasley. Poor guy just can't catch a break. Going through a divorce 

Breaks up with Larsa Pippen and now is hurt. 

Oh come on! I will say it's brutal for the Wolves. They can't catch a break. D'Angelo Russell hurt all year, Beasley now hurt. They've played like just two games together with those 2 and KAT. Makes a lot of sense why they suck. Well, that and they are the Wolves. The Wolves just refuse to be good. Doesn't matter if they have Garnett, KAT, Butler, anyone. They max out just above average except for the 2003-04 season. Minnesota will always have that season. 

Malik will always have those four months with Larsa though. They had America in the palm of their hands. It's hard to imagine true love can ever exist.