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Luka Garza Is The First College Athlete To Start Selling His Own NFT Card .... What One College Basketball NFT Would You Want To Own?

Well let's go ahead and add college athletes to the NFT world. It makes sense as everyone in the world is getting into this and it's a no-brainer for someone like Luka. He's capitalizing with his marketing at its highest. He's a prime example of a guy who really need NIL to pass for college sports. His peak marketing is going to be while he was at Iowa. 

But this is the future my friends. You're looking at it, you're bidding on it if you're an Iowa fan. Tokenized sports highlights, music, farts, and everything else under the sun. If you can make it a highlight or sell it, it's going to be an NFT. If it's has some sort of rarity and people want to own something, it will always sell. So there's no doubt that Luka Garza is going to make a ton of money off of this. People want to own part of something plus you get the gift that comes along with it. Thinking of a movie/dinner night with Luka Garza is fucking hilarious though. Feel like it's always a top-1 weirdo that wins that sort of thing. Good luck with that, Luka. 

It's insane the growth of NFT and we're still just starting. I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I know all the ins and outs, I just know it's here. So let's get to the real debate here. What's the one college basketball NFT highlight you'd want to own the most? 

No-brainer for me. It's my favorite move, he's my all-time favorite college basketball player. He's the reason I switched my number to 22 as a 7-year old and wore it every single year of my life playing basketball. It's the filthiest crossover in college basketball. It's the cockiest move in college basketball. It's Randolph Childress: 

Randolph Childress making Jeff McInnis  flop around like a fish out of water. You had Dean Smith notoriously screaming for a technical. All of this as Childress not only embarrassed McInnis but the buried the shot in front of the UNC bench. I mean to have the balls to give the get up and defend this is just unreal. Throw in that that happened in the goddamn ACC Championship game too and really set the tone as this happened with about 6 minutes to go in the first half. I don't think that play will ever be topped as my all-time favorite play in sports.

My honorable mention: 

MKG saving the game and winning a title. I'd like to do that again. Just beats out Aaron Harrison's game winner against Wisconsin.